Rust Proofing and Undercoating

Quality Truck and Auto Accessories offers a rust proofing and undercoating service that will protect your vehicle throughout the year.

Rust Proofing Process:

  • Start with a clean vehicle for a close inspection
  • Cover seats and floormats for vehicle protection
  • Locate the existing holes in the door panels to allow the chemicals to coat the inside
  • A Wax-based rust-inhibitor will be applied to the panels of your vehicle (Doors, Bottom door/hatch/tailgate edges, rocker panels, front fenders, hood, trunk)

Undercoating Process:

  • Start with a clean vehicle for a close inspection
  • Remove the dirt, grease and grime from underneath the vehicle
  • A asphalt-based undercoating will be applied to the underside of your vehicle only (floor boards, pans, gas tank, frame, etc.)

Rust proofing and undercoating are different processes. Rust proofing slows the spread or start of corrosion on your vehicle.

The undercoating process does not get up into the cracks and crevices of your vehicle like the rust proofing does. It is a thicker substance applied to make your vehicle sound quieter in motion.

Rest assured – our process and attention to detail will ensure that your car does not ooze with excessive amounts of material as it will be installed appropriately.

Help lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle and keep it looking and running smoothly throughout the years by signing up for our rust proofing and undercoating services.