Step Bars

The lift kit you just had us install looks awesome on your truck! How about adding some running boards or nerf bars to give you a lift. Whether you’re wanting to enhance the look of your truck or just add an extra step up, take a look at our selection of step bars, nerf bars, running boards and more. Our customers have a variety of finishes and styles to choose from. Step bars are a great way to add appeal to your truck or SUV while providing practicality as well.

When Winter hits, steps on your vehicle will add peace of mind for you. Knowing that you have that extra step ensures better footing for you and your traveling partner(s).

Three Things to Consider when Choosing Steps:

  • Variety – There are so many to choose from. Stop in to see our displays to make sure you get the right set.
  • Weight requirements – Standard step bars and nerf bars have a typical weight capacity of about 300 pounds. If you require something a little more sturdy, you may consider running boards.
  • Visual appeal – What type of material, construction and finish will fit your style and personality?

Whether you know what you want or need assistance with selecting the right step bar, we can and will be happy to help.